February 13, 2010

One Big Awesome

Our new house is awesome.

Here's a shot from the window in my living room yesterday as the sun peeked out right before sunset to illuminate campus after a day of rainy gray.

And these guys are awesome.

They are riding their scooters to school every day now.
And they are both hosting sleep overs with their BFF's tonight.

And this guy is awesome too.

He got to hang (but mostly work) with our cousin Tim, who came from Oregon to help tie up the loose ends of our move. Thanks Tim!
He's spent a couple of days steelhead fishing in Idaho recently.
And he's been offered a new position at WSU and it looks like he's going to accept.

And I'm doing pretty awesome as well.

Here's a layout for Design Team using the new Basic Grey "Origins" line and depicting me enjoying Starbuck's in different European locations.

Balmy, sunny weather on the Palouse today, but I hear it's snowing in Louisiana??