March 28, 2008

New and Improved?

What do you think? It probably won't stay this way; I'm trying to learn all kinds of new stuff like how to incorporate a slide show of our pictures and an album of layouts, but I was really needing some brightness with the predicted SNOW ACCUMULATIONS coming our way!

Claire and Ben playing in the fountain at Kemah Boardwalk in Houston last fall.

The amazing dust storm we had out here last summer.

Maybe Claire's first soccer game tomorrow, but probably not with the snow. Another weekend of fire-building and hunkering down. We hauled the last of our split wood this morning, so I think that log splitter may be making an appearance in my life real soon. Going to the store to stock up on Keystone this afternoon! Have a great weekend.

March 27, 2008

Update In Progress

I'm wanting a new look. Stay tuned.

Mean People Suck

It's really true. Yesterday I checked this blog for comments and opened one that sent a nice little virus into my computer. I spent 2 hours getting rid of it and I was just pissed the whole time. Why do people do stuff like that? So now if you wish to post a comment here, you have to authenticate it. My friend Erin had to do it too; she was getting links to porn!!

Here's our view this morning. HELLO! Where are the flowers? Where is the love?

A layout I did commemorating one of our fun crawfish boils. Wish I was warm on the boat pulling traps right now.

Watching the WSU vs. UNC game today. I'm not a huge sports fan, but when the Cougs make it to the Sweet Sixteen you gotta watch. They are predicted to lose (duh), but the Cougs are a team that is nothing if not unpredictable. Plus I love watching Kyle Weaver. He's so cute and he just seems like he loves his mom!!

March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday... my Nana, my dad's mom. She turns 86 today. Isn't that amazing? She had a stroke a few years ago and sometimes mixes up her thoughts and words. I called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday and when I asked her if she remembered how old she was, she said "Well, yes, I'm 65." In her thinking, that might have been her perfect age because she'd just become a senior citizen and was rewarded the senior discount at the Picadilly. My Nana LOVES the Picadilly, which is a cafeteria-style buffet restaurant down south and a place where I spent a good many of my Sunday afternoons after church when I was growing up.

The start of our Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. This is the picture where the kids are READY and can SEE the eggs laying around, but they're NOT ALLOWED TO GO YET because the mean and STUPID adults have to get some pictures first!

Ben insisted on following Claire around the yard, and when she would get to the eggs first and put them in her basket he would start crying. We tried to convince him that she was bigger and faster and that he should just make his own way, but he thought it was totally unfair that other kids should get eggs too!

Brian on his way back from his first scout around the periphery of the yard. I think he saved that little yellow egg for Evan, who didn't really get what was going on, but whose mom Erin kept leading him around the yard and making him put colored eggs in his basket.

My nephew Kevin, who would not be caught dead RUNNING for easter eggs, but who perfected his power walk on this day. He's at that age where everything is really corny, but his little kid self still wants that yummy candy and the possibliity of finding the egg that holds the 1o spot!

March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

to Marilyn, one of my awesome mothers-in-law. Isn't she cute? She is one of those people who reminds us that you're only as old as you feel and life should be lived to the fullest. We will hopefully be seeing her tomorrow for Easter, but we couldn't wait to wish her a happy birthday today.

March 20, 2008

30-minute Thursday

Woo-hoo! Lain is back hosting her 30-minute Thursday challenges. Today we had to create a page in 30 minutes or less using at least one piece of yellow cardstock, 2 photos, 3 pieces of patterned paper, and 4 brads or eyelets. I was so excited to see the challenge posted on her blog that I had to get started right away. Here's my contribution.

Ben says...

...of all the names you could be, I like Mama best.

Happy first day of spring!

March 19, 2008

Just Wednesday

A layout depicting the fun we have smashing wormy apples in our garden in the fall. Busy day; both kids to school, Claire to soccer, and the Easter Bunny has some shopping to do!

March 17, 2008

Wishes Do Come True

We did not rent the log splitter! Instead we focused on the finishing touches of our bathroom remodel. It was one of those times where you think it's going to be such a pain to finish things up and then you do it and it was so easy and you wonder what took you so long. There's a big sale at Macy's tomorrow so I'll be looking for the perfect shower curtain.

Claire made this cute wall hanging for Easter. She covered and decorated Making Memories chipboard pieces and then I helped her with the wire and beading. She's starting soccer today for the very first time. I hope practice isn't canceled; we had snow on the ground this morning with rain/snow predicted. Only 3 more days 'til it's officially spring.

A layout I made of Ben playing with home-made slime. He tends to sometimes be a little OCD about getting stuff on his hands, so I was pleased he wanted to get all messy with this stuff.

March 14, 2008

Art-ful Friday

Made this cute hanging butterfly decor based on Ali's creative challenge last weekend. I used the new Providence paper line from Scenic Route to cover chipboard butterflies. I'm loving the colors of this paper. I was only able to score a few sheets in Spokane last weekend so I think I'll be placing an on-line order for the whole line very soon.

A layout using Making Memories Garden Party line. It's all about how Claire sets up make-believe worlds and how it so reminds me of doing the same thing as a kid. Love it when those connections are made.

A man appeared at my door in the rain yesterday hoping to sell me a carpet maintenance system designed to make my life as a housekeeper easier. He came with a little complimentary gift for me, a 4-in-1 emergency flashlight, complete except for the batteries. He gave me the flashlight and his little spiel and was crushed when I wouldn't let him inside to demonstrate his system on my carpet. When he turned to walk away he pointed to the box in my hand and said "you know, I only have a couple of those things to give away". So I gave it back to him. I hope a rock falls on his head when I find myself in an emergency situation without that flashlight!

Rainy/snowy weekend predicted here. Hoping to scrapbook and lay low with the family. Mark is talking about renting a log splitter for the weekend, but I hope he lets go of that idea. If he doesn't, come on over and party with us. You too can stand in the rain, get dust in your eyes and splinters in your hands, crook up your back a bit, and drink cheap beer. All for free!

March 13, 2008

March 12, 2008

Hello Aurora Borealis

One of the advantages to living in the country is no city lights. So when the northern lights come-a-calling we have front row seats on our porch. Got the kids out of bed for this show. We could actually see the curtains of light dancing together; so spontaneous and beautiful! Mark shot pics and kudos to him for knowing how to set the camera in the dark!

Awful photo of this layout I did to commemorate the 31 layouts I completed in January. I would say my artistic skills are improving while my photography skills are not. I could have paid more attention and reshot the picture or cleaned it up in Photoshop, but there are always little people impatiently waiting to use the computer and I get tired of hearing them whine. You get the gist.

March 11, 2008

Joining the "I Hate Microsoft" Campaign

It seems that ALL of my problems yesterday stemmed from glitches with my Internet Explorer program. Mark worked and worked on it and then ended up switching us over to Firefox last night. It's like butter this morning and I have a big happy smile on my face. Knock on wood.

Let's recap. This is Donna Downey and me. I loved spending the day with her on Saturday. She is funny and so creative and I love her philosophy about being perfect just the way I create. I also love her "trash to treasure" approach to art. It's all about using the stuff you already have laying around and altering it for a new purpose. Erin and I took two classes from her and then headed downtown for some shopping and dinner at Red Robin. Their Blue Ribbon Burger was the perfect end to my perfect day.

Here's a layout I created using the new Grafton line from Scenic Route. It may be the first layout I've created without a picture, but I didn't have one and I felt the story really needed to be told. We were sitting around one Saturday night with our friend Jon and somehow the topic of hot dogs came up. I can still remember the lyrics of the Armour Hot Dog song from childhood. We laughed so hard at the un-"p.c."ness of that ad campaign; it's funny that we didn't think twice about calling kids "fat" and "sissy" back then. Just a glimpse of the way things were.

March 10, 2008

Would Love to Post...

but Blogger is being a booger this morning. I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to upload and just when I thought I had it, my post disappeared! Happy Monday! I'll try again later.

March 7, 2008

Weekend Creative

Finally finished the weekend creative project posted by Ali two Fridays ago. I used snowflakes and stamping instead of hearts and sewing. The mini book is all about our trip to the woods to get our Christmas tree, one of my favorite days this winter.

Have a great weekend! I'll be in Spokane with Donna Downey.

March 6, 2008

A Little Art

Had a lovely birthday lunch with my friend Jill. I believe a little Merlot and Tiramisu in the afternoon is good for the soul. Jill made that sweet hat for me from the most beautiful green fleece; totally a color for me.

And lo and behold, I actually completed a layout yesterday! The amazing picture was taken by Mark, and although it is beautiful, while we were driving to capture these images I couldn't help wishing that all that beauty would go away so spring could have a chance. Hence the flowers. I have flowers on the brain right now because I can see the little green heads of the bulbs poking up when I go outside. Soon my yard will be abloom!

March 5, 2008

A Day of Significance

Happy Birthday to me,
I'm forty-two you see,
I have gray hair and wrinkles,
But I still have my teeth!

Born March 5, 1966 at 1:50 a.m. under the sign of Pisces, Sagittarius rising. Knowing my mother, she was probably totally pissed that I kept her up all night with my birthing nonsense. My horoscope says I should spend the day preparing for my power day tomorrow, just one of many during the month of March. Hmmm.

Took Claire to school and grabbed myself a latte on the way home. They wouldn't give me a freebie, but they gave me this totally awesome straw, whose tinsil tentacles keep going up my nose and tickling me when I try to drink. At least I don't pee my pants when I sneeze yet!
Lunch with my good friend Jill today and my favorite angel food cake with whipped cream chocolate frosting tonight, after Mark gets home from skiing (the dog). Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes, especially the Disney song courtesy of my dad and my little gift from the tooth fairy!

March 3, 2008

Ski, Ski, Ski

Celebrated the birthday of my father-in-law last weekend. Had a really nice day with the family here and since this man loves fruit more than any person I've ever met, we made him a yummy peach cobbler with peaches from our tree that I put up last fall. A very nice treat in February.

Then we skied. And skied. And skied. Schools were half days for conferences, so we pulled the kids out and headed to the mountains.

The kids and I riding up the gondola at Silver Mountain (my new favorite place to ski).

A pic of my ski bunny. She is amazing on her skiis this year. Likes to ski ungroomed bumps. Don't think I'll be her partner much longer, as I like smooth and groomed!

Ben on the lift with Papa Ray. Ben has no fear and points his skiis directly downhill no matter how steep the terrain. Mark and I have to yell "Turn!" to him as he heads down.

No art. Worked a little on a mini book from Ali's blog last weekend. Doing some organizing around the house and attending lots of meetings for Girl Scouts. But I am going to see this woman on Saturday. Erin and I are heading to Spokane for a day of creating to celebrate our March birthdays.