January 25, 2011


Outside my window is sunshine and birdsong.
I am thinking how good these new caramel Sweet & Salty Bugles taste.
I am thankful for love.
In the kitchen there's a solar-powered dancing flower on my window sill.
I am wearing blue jeans, and a black fleece pullover. And socks.
I am creating artist trading cards with a theme of love and/or red.
I am going to pick Ben up from school in an hour.
I am reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.
I am hoping my job interview will go smoothly next week.
I am hearing the clanking of metal on metal as the guinea pigs drink water.
Around the house are many signs that we are a busy family of four.
One of my favorite things is reading to Ben before bed each night.
A few plans for the rest of the week include attending a lecture by Greg Mortensen and a gathering of artists to learn bookbinding.

January 19, 2011

Art Share

Art journal

Artist Trading Card


Ben's 7th birthday party

January 16, 2011

Outside in January

A little tree house action going on around here yesterday.
It's just a tease; we'll get snow again by the end of the week.
These kids weren't going to miss an opportunity to snatch some warmth.

Check out these models of cooperation.
I found them playing at my table.
Does anyone know who they belong to?

January 12, 2011

Playing With Photography

Last weekend I drew a heart flower in the condensation on the window in our garage. This is the photo I took, enhanced a little with some Photoshop actions. I love how you can see the birch tree across the street where the glass is clear.

January 10, 2011

Art Journaling

My one little word for 2011: courage.

This page is based on a challenge to use circles.

I'm finding a groove with the art journal, experimenting with different mediums and playing with supplies I already have. Some of my pages are cut from a watercolor tablet, and others are made from stacked and glued pieces of newspaper that have been lightly coated with gesso. I won't bind them until I feel there are enough to make a nice book; I like to have the pages loose when I'm working on them.

So, to make room for art journaling, I am using Project Life this year.

I love this idea. I like the ease of recording the daily/weekly/monthly details in a handy space.
I want to find a music stand to display it in my craft room.
I'm still going to create layouts, just less quantity and more quality.

I used to bite my nails pretty badly when I was younger.
This picture reminds me of someone who spent some time hiding her hands.
Muscle memory.

January 4, 2011

Say It Like It Is

I had a brief conversation with his teacher today and she shared a little story.
It seems that the kids were in line for something and not behaving, so she was giving them a reprimand. To which Ben said "Excuse me. Can we go to art now? I think we've done enough talking."
I love it when I get glimpses of him that I don't normally see.

January 2, 2011

365 Photos

I've been thinking about this cool project for a couple of years now.
A 365-day chronicle of yourself in pictures.

Isn't it cute how the date reads backwards?
Didn't quite clue in to the fact that I was shooting into a mirror.
Imperfection is definitely a part of my life!

Evolution: Timer and a nifty sign.

I won't be posting pictures of myself here everyday.
Just naming the resolution for 2011.
If you want to see a cool time-lapse video of the project, go here.