August 19, 2013

Beginning Again

Two years.
No apologies, no regrets.
Sometimes life directs your energies elsewhere.

This guy turned eleven and is no longer our "little" Ben,
 measuring 5"2" last week. 
He's been playing a lot of Minecraft this summer.
  And he's working on a sharp sense of humor.

The cute girl sporting this new pixie cut is our very own Claire,
now fourteen and starting high school this week.
I think I saw her twice this summer! LOL
She's mostly in her room talking to friends or playing Sims.
 Here's my guy, on top of a mountain on the island of Crete.
(You know I couldn't resist an adventurous Mark picture).
Science can take you to some amazing places.

 We made it to the beach this year,
to the beautiful Oregon coast.
I'm so happy when I'm there.
I'm pretty happy when I'm here too.


Shawna said...

I can't believe Ben in 5'2"! Claire is growing into a beautiful young woman! Holy smokes...where has the time gone?

Mark said...

Thanks for posting. Time is flying by. 1blink=2years