May 13, 2014

Around Here

We've been having fun and getting life done around here.

We took a meandering drive to northern California and Redwoods National Park for spring break, stopping to see friends and family along the way. We hiked a few awe-inspiring trails and dabbled next to the Pacific Ocean with sun on our faces, exactly the getaway this family needed.

Our garden is blooming.
 I planted this poppy last year and it is rewarding me with its beauty this year.
The artichokes and onions are planted, the strawberries are flowering, and the geraniums I overwintered are out on the deck. I'd say summertime is on its way.

This is how Ben feels about me taking pictures these days.
He's away at 5th grade camp this week and I am literally missing his face.

Two of my favorite people.
This girl is catching up on sleep since playing laser tag all night in Spokane with the PHS band. 
That was their choice of activity, along with dining Ethiopian and attending the symphony, for an end-of-the-year celebration trip. She is so ready for summer.
Mark is working hard and gardening even harder; we are going to have a kick-ass pond very soon. He's also away at 5th grade camp this week and I'm missing him too.
I've been playing chicken mama.
Here I am holding Harper, the chirper, who unfortunately never grew and died on mother's day.
(I have to admit I chewed on that little coincidence a little longer than necessary!)
I still have three hens who are happily growing and exploring their new coop in the backyard.
I really love having chickens again.

My friend Karen and I are slowly evolving two new business ventures,
Paper Pals Online and Art Maven Studio.
Through these venues we will be teaching classes and hosting events,
as well as pursuing our own artwork.
I was recently awarded a license from WSU which will allow me to sell my handmade books using their logo, so I will be very busy this summer getting ready for the fall craft fair in October.

And last, but by no means least, is my fabulous job at MaryJanesFarm Magazine.
Our current issue just hit the stands and I am delighted with the work inside.
Go grab yourself a copy!

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