May 1, 2014

Mail Art

Mail Art is defined simply as sending small scale art works through the postal service. It took root as an artistic movement in the 1960’s and it is still enjoying a quiet fame today. Mail Art is such a great way to foster personal communication and creative expression between artistic friends.

This lovely hand-drawn envelope with card recently graced my mailbox. I can't tell you how much it made me smile to open the mailbox and see such beauty inside, and I would think it made everyone along its path to me smile as well.

Here's some envelopes that recently went out from me. I quickly used ink sprays and stamps to embellish a padded envelope for some gifts I was mailing. Decorating the outside of your envelopes is such a simple and beautiful way to share your artistic energy with the world and give yourself a quick dose of creativity.

This is a piece of mail art I found online that caught my eye. Wouldn't it be great if all our mail came adorned in such a manner?

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